astroplan Package

astroplan is an open source (BSD licensed) observation planning package for astronomers that can help you plan for everything but the clouds.

It is an in-development Astropy affiliated package that seeks to make your life as an observational astronomer a little less infuriating.


add_site(site_name, location) Add a site to the list of available observatories.
download_IERS_A([show_progress]) Download and cache the IERS Bulletin A table.
get_IERS_A_or_workaround() Get the cached IERS Bulletin A table if one exists.
get_moon(time, location[, pressure]) Position of the Earth’s moon.
get_site(site_name) Return an EarthLocation object for known observatory.
get_site_names([full_list]) Get list of names of observatories for use with get_site.
is_always_observable(constraints, observer, ...) Are the targets always observable throughout time_range given
is_observable(constraints, observer, targets) Are the targets observable during time_range given constraints in
observability_table(constraints, observer, ...) Creates a table with information about observablity for all the targets over the requeisted time_range, given the constraints in constraints_list for observer.
test([package, test_path, args, plugins, ...]) Run the tests using py.test.
time_grid_from_range(time_range[, ...]) Get linearly-spaced sequence of times.


AirmassConstraint([max, min]) Constrain the airmass of a target.
AltitudeConstraint([min, max]) Constrain the altitude of the target.
AstroplanWarning Superclass for warnings used by astroplan
AtNightConstraint([max_solar_altitude, ...]) Constrain the Sun to be below horizon.
Constraint Abstract class for objects defining observational constraints.
FixedTarget(coord[, name]) Coordinates and metadata for an object that is “fixed” with respect to the celestial sphere.
LocalTimeConstraint([min, max]) Constrain the observable hours.
MoonIlluminationConstraint([min, max]) Constrain the fractional illumination of the Earth’s moon.
MoonSeparationConstraint([min, max]) Constrain the distance between the Earth’s moon and some targets.
NonFixedTarget([name, ra, dec, marker]) Placeholder for future function.
Observer([location, timezone, name, ...]) A container class for information about an observer’s location and environment.
OldEarthOrientationDataWarning Using old Earth rotation data from IERS
PlotBelowHorizonWarning Warning for when something is hidden on a plot because it’s below the horizon
PlotWarning Warnings dealing with the plotting aspects of astroplan
SunSeparationConstraint([min, max]) Constrain the distance between the Sun and some targets.
Target([name, ra, dec, marker]) Abstract base class for target objects.
TargetAlwaysUpWarning Target is circumpolar
TargetNeverUpWarning Target never rises above horizon

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of astroplan.constraints.AirmassConstraint, astroplan.constraints.AltitudeConstraint, astroplan.exceptions.AstroplanWarning, astroplan.constraints.AtNightConstraint, astroplan.constraints.Constraint,, astroplan.constraints.LocalTimeConstraint, astroplan.constraints.MoonIlluminationConstraint, astroplan.constraints.MoonSeparationConstraint,,, astroplan.exceptions.OldEarthOrientationDataWarning, astroplan.exceptions.PlotBelowHorizonWarning, astroplan.exceptions.PlotWarning, astroplan.constraints.SunSeparationConstraint,, astroplan.exceptions.TargetAlwaysUpWarning, astroplan.exceptions.TargetNeverUpWarning

astroplan.plots Package

astroplan.plots contains functions for making plots of commonly-used quantities in observation planning (e.g., airmass vs. time), using astroplan and Matplotlib.


plot_airmass(target, observer, time[, ax, ...]) Plots airmass as a function of time for a given target.
plot_parallactic(target, observer, time[, ...]) Plots parallactic angle as a function of time for a given target.
plot_sky(target, observer, time[, ax, ...]) Plots target positions in the sky with respect to the observer’s location.