astroplan.plots.plot_sky_24hr(target, observer, time, delta=<Quantity 1.0 h>, ax=None, style_kwargs=None, north_to_east_ccw=True, grid=True, az_label_offset=<Quantity 0.0 deg>, center_time_style_kwargs=None)[source]

Plots target positions in the sky with respect to the observer’s location over a twenty-four hour period centered on time.

Most arguments are copies of those in plot_sky, see docs for them. The unique keywords for this function include:


delta : Quantity (optional)

Interval between times plotted.

center_time_style_kwargs : dict or None (optional)

Dictionary of style keyword arguments to pass to scatter to set plotting style of the point at time time.


An Axes object (ax) with a map of the sky.