class astroplan.AirmassConstraint(max=None, min=1, boolean_constraint=True)[source]

Bases: astroplan.AltitudeConstraint

Constrain the airmass of a target.

In the current implementation the airmass is approximated by the secant of the zenith angle.


The max and min arguments appear in the order (max, min) in this initializer to support the common case for users who care about the upper limit on the airmass (max) and not the lower limit.


max : float or None

Maximum airmass of the target. None indicates no limit.

min : float or None

Minimum airmass of the target. None indicates no limit.

boolean_contstraint : bool


To create a constraint that requires the airmass be “better than 2”, i.e. at a higher altitude than airmass=2:


Methods Summary

compute_constraint(times, observer, targets)

Methods Documentation

compute_constraint(times, observer, targets)[source]