astroplan.plots.plot_finder_image(target, survey=u'DSS', fov_radius=<Quantity 10.0 arcmin>, log=False, ax=None, grid=False, reticle=False, style_kwargs=None, reticle_style_kwargs=None)[source]

Plot survey image centered on target.

Survey images are retrieved from NASA Goddard’s SkyView service via astroquery.skyview.SkyView.

If a Axes object already exists, plots the finder image on top. Otherwise, creates a new Axes object with the finder image.


target : FixedTarget, SkyCoord

Coordinates of celestial object

survey : string

Name of survey to retrieve image from. For dictionary of available surveys, use from astroquery.skyview import SkyView; SkyView.list_surveys(). Defaults to 'DSS', the Digital Sky Survey.

fov_radius : Quantity

Radius of field of view of retrieved image. Defaults to 10 arcmin.

log : bool, optional

Take the natural logarithm of the FITS image if True. False by default.

ax : Axes or None, optional.

The Axes object to be drawn on. If None, uses the current Axes.

grid : bool, optional.

Grid is drawn if True. False by default.

reticle : bool, optional

Draw reticle on the center of the FOV if True. Default is False.

style_kwargs : dict or None, optional.

A dictionary of keywords passed into imshow to set plotting styles.

reticle_style_kwargs : dict or None, optional

A dictionary of keywords passed into axvline and axhline to set reticle style.


ax : Axes

Matplotlib axes with survey image centered on target

hdu : PrimaryHDU

FITS HDU of the retrieved image


In addition to Matplotlib, this function makes use of astroquery.