astroplan.plots.plot_sky_24hr(target, observer, time, delta=<Quantity 1.0 h>, ax=None, style_kwargs=None, north_to_east_ccw=True, grid=True, az_label_offset=<Quantity 0.0 deg>, center_time_style_kwargs=None)[source]

Plots target positions in the sky with respect to the observer’s location over a twenty-four hour period centered on time.


target : FixedTarget

The celestial body of interest.

observer: `~astroplan.Observer`

The person, telescope, observatory, etc. doing the observing.

time : Time

If pass in an Time object with just one instance in time, whether it be a scalar or an array (e.g. Time('2000-1-1'), Time(['2000-1-1']), [Time('2000-1-1')]), plot_sky will return plot at one instance in time. If pass in an Time object with multiple instances in time (e.g. Time(['2000-1-1', '2000-1-2'])) will show positions plotted at the exact times specified.

delta : Quantity (optional)

Interval between times plotted.

ax : Axes or None, optional.

The Axes object to be drawn on. If None, uses the current Axes.

style_kwargs : dict or None, optional.

A dictionary of keywords passed into scatter to set plotting styles.

north_to_east_ccw : bool, optional.

True by default, meaning that azimuth is shown increasing counter-clockwise (CCW), or with North at top, East at left, etc. To show azimuth increasing clockwise (CW), set to False.

grid : bool, optional.

True by default, meaning that grid is drawn.

az_label_offset :, optional.

DANGER: It is not recommended that you change the default behavior, as to do so makes it seem as if N/E/S/W are being decoupled from the definition of azimuth (North from az = 0 deg., East from az = 90 deg., etc.). An offset for azimuth labels from the North label. A positive offset will increase in the same direction as azimuth (see north_to_east_ccw option).

center_time_style_kwargs : dict or None (optional)

Dictionary of style keyword arguments to pass to scatter to set plotting style of the point at time time.


An Axes object (ax) with a map of the sky.