class astroplan.AltitudeConstraint(min=None, max=None, boolean_constraint=True)[source]

Bases: astroplan.Constraint

Constrain the altitude of the target.


This can misbehave if you try to constrain negative altitudes, as the AltAz frame tends to mishandle negative


min : Quantity or None

Minimum altitude of the target (inclusive). None indicates no limit.

max : Quantity or None

Maximum altitude of the target (inclusive). None indicates no limit.

boolean_constraint : bool

If True, the constraint is treated as a boolean (True for within the limits and False for outside). If False, the constraint returns a float on [0, 1], where 0 is the min altitude and 1 is the max.

Methods Summary

compute_constraint(times, observer, targets)

Methods Documentation

compute_constraint(times, observer, targets)[source]