astroplan.is_observable(constraints, observer, targets, times=None, time_range=None, time_grid_resolution=<Quantity 0.5 h>)[source]#

Determines if the targets are observable during time_range given constraints in constraints_list for a particular observer.

constraintslist or Constraint

Observational constraint(s)


The observer who has constraints constraints

targets{list, SkyCoord, FixedTarget}

Target or list of targets

timesTime (optional)

Array of times on which to test the constraint

time_rangeTime (optional)

Lower and upper bounds on time sequence, with spacing time_resolution. This will be passed as the first argument into time_grid_from_range.

time_grid_resolutionQuantity (optional)

If time_range is specified, determine whether constraints are met between test times in time_range by checking constraint at linearly-spaced times separated by time_resolution. Default is 0.5 hours.


List of booleans of same length as targets for whether or not each target is ever observable in the time range given the constraints.