astroplan.plots.plot_finder_image(target, survey='DSS', fov_radius=<Quantity 10. arcmin>, log=False, ax=None, grid=False, reticle=False, style_kwargs=None, reticle_style_kwargs=None)[source]#

Plot survey image centered on target.

Survey images are retrieved from NASA Goddard’s SkyView service via astroquery.skyview.SkyView.

If a Axes object already exists, plots the finder image on top. Otherwise, creates a new Axes object with the finder image.

targetFixedTarget, SkyCoord

Coordinates of celestial object


Name of survey to retrieve image from. For dictionary of available surveys, use from astroquery.skyview import SkyView; SkyView.list_surveys(). Defaults to 'DSS', the Digital Sky Survey.


Radius of field of view of retrieved image. Defaults to 10 arcmin.

logbool, optional

Take the natural logarithm of the FITS image if True. False by default.

axAxes or None, optional.

The Axes object to be drawn on. If None, uses the current Axes.

gridbool, optional.

Grid is drawn if True. False by default.

reticlebool, optional

Draw reticle on the center of the FOV if True. Default is False.

style_kwargsdict or None, optional.

A dictionary of keywords passed into imshow to set plotting styles.

reticle_style_kwargsdict or None, optional

A dictionary of keywords passed into axvline and axhline to set reticle style.


Matplotlib axes with survey image centered on target


FITS HDU of the retrieved image



In addition to Matplotlib, this function makes use of astroquery.