astroplan.months_observable(constraints, observer, targets, time_range=<Time object: scale='utc' format='iso' value=['2024-01-01 00:00:00.000' '2024-12-31 00:00:00.000']>, time_grid_resolution=<Quantity 0.5 h>)[source]#

Determines which month the specified targets are observable for a specific observer, given the supplied constraints.

constraintslist or Constraint

Observational constraint(s)


The observer who has constraints constraints

targets{list, SkyCoord, FixedTarget}

Target or list of targets

time_rangeTime (optional)

Lower and upper bounds on time sequence If time_range is not specified, defaults to current year (localtime)

time_grid_resolutionQuantity (optional)

If time_range is specified, determine whether constraints are met between test times in time_range by checking constraint at linearly-spaced times separated by time_resolution. Default is 0.5 hours.


List of sets of unique integers representing each month that a target is observable, one set per target. These integers are 1-based so that January maps to 1, February maps to 2, etc.